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Caring Child

Our Services

One-to-one specialist therapy with a fully qualified Arts/Play Therapist.

Small group therapy for children and young people from local schools.

Parent and carer support and access to therapy, where required.

Bespoke training packages; consultation and support for teachers.

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Children who have experienced multiple ACEs need long-term therapy because of the profound effect that trauma has on their neurological, social and emotional development. It is reasonable to anticipate that a child or young person’s natural survival mechanism means building trust with their therapist to safely express vulnerable or difficult emotions can take time.

We offer individual Dramatherapy or Art Therapy sessions to children or young people who have been identified as being at risk of long-term mental health issues through schools, other services, parents or GPs. We offer this service as a one-year intervention that can be extended when there is a need to continue.



"I feel a lot calmer, less scared, less worried."  CHILD




Our group work is more preventative and focuses on destigmatising and universalising difficult issues, decreasing isolation and building relationship skills. We offer group Dramatherapy/Art Therapy services to children who have been identified through schools as having specific needs around anxiety and low self-esteem.

Group sessions are aimed at helping children understand they are not alone, build empathy with others and gain confidence. We work with the group dynamic in order to help children understand their own emotions and that of others. Issues are explored through drama and shared art works, safely contained in metaphor. Groups run for a school term (approx. 12 weeks).

"I love this place! I have made new friends and overcame fears."  CHILD

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We offer regular support to help think about the child’s needs at home and ways to help manage their emotions as well as parental/carer personal therapy with a separate therapist in order to help the whole family.

Involving the parents/carers is often paramount to achieving outcomes for children in therapy because these are the people providing the routine day to day, practical and emotional care and attachment relationship.


Sometimes, parents need their own support and it can be necessary to take a holistic, whole family approach to achieving positive outcomes for the child/young person.

Family Support

"The support they give to both children and adults who look after those children. They are caring and keep in touch."  PARENT

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School Support

We work closely with the child’s teachers and SENDCo to give suggestions for ways to manage difficult behaviours and train them in understanding trauma and therapeutic responses. The therapist attends meetings, writes reports and assists with EHCPs.

We offer whole school training in Complex Trauma and Dissociation, and ongoing consultation. This will foster a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. School staff benefit from being able to discuss strategies and issues with our therapists, to consider how they can help children with emotional issues in class.

"We have seen an increase in confidence and self-esteem in all children that have completed the group therapy or individual therapy."  SENDCo

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