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Child therapy

What we do

Our aim is to provide specialised creative therapeutic services to children and young people in  West Cumbria.

We offer creative therapy sessions, both to individuals and groups. Dramatherapy, Art Therapy and Play Therapy are creative, integrative and psychodynamic approaches to helping children and young people explore and process difficult feelings and memories.  They make use of story, art, movement and drama, which means children can explore issues safely through metaphor and access support when their problems are hard to verbalise.  We work with children to set goals for the therapy, to help them think about what changes they want to feel.   

Our experience in working with children and their families/carers means that with confidence we can expect to:

  • Increase emotional wellbeing and feelings of happiness

  • Increase self esteem

  • Increase quality of / understanding of relationships

  • Deepen a sense of identity and awareness

  • Increase sense of connection to others

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety

  • Reduce the risk of long-term mental health issues​

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