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Who we Support

The Windmill Trust supports children and young people who have encountered Adverse Childhood Experiences and who are not able to access statutory support. Where needed we also work with parents/carers and other professionals involved with the child/young person to help them understand the child’s emotional needs and psychological status, through using a mixture of psychoeducation and support. 

We offer Individual creative therapy sessions. Children who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences require long term support. This is due to the severity and duration of their experiences, and to enable us to build trust so that the child feels safe to express their vulnerability and emotions.

We also offer group sessions aimed at helping children and young people understand they are not alone and to help them build empathy with others. The sessions will also help to destigmatise and universalise difficult issues, decrease isolation and build relationship skills. 

We work with children and young people on a referral basis, who have been identified as being at risk of mental health issues through schools, services, parents, or GPs. 

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